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Wisdom Wednesdays FREE Teleconferences


Upcoming Special Talks: September 8th, Michelle Skaff. October 6th, Sonja Elison. 


Past guests have included health and wellness business leaders, holistic healers, authors, astrologers, and animal communicators.


Join Melissa and special guests for the Wisdom Wednesdays Free Teleconference series!
Calls will begin at 5:30 pm Pacific/8:30 pm Eastern. You will receive call-in information after you register for the product.  See dates and speakers below 


Wednesday, June 2nd

Michelle Odland speaks on Reiki Healing. We will delve into the True Essence of the Reiki energy system, along with the power stones Cinnabar and Apophyllite. Understanding the inner heart of Usui Holy Fire® Karuna® Reiki energy and stone medicine, opens a pathway to enhance and deepen our connection to our true self.  Integrating both elements into our daily practice strengthens our personal presence within ourselves and in the world.

Michelle is a certified Usui Holy Fire® Karuna® Practitioner/Teacher, Stone Medicine Practitioner and Life Celebrant. Learning first-hand from her life journey and personal path to healing, from a place of compassion and love, integrates positive healing modalities to better serve humanity. Providing everyone with heart-centered sessions that will guide others on their journey of healing and self-discovery.

To learn more please visit Michelle’s website or via email at She is offering a 20% discount on services and classes to the WisdomWord community!


Wednesday, July 28th

Jill Leitner speaks on “Pluto: The Power Of Transformation”. Pluto’s planetary energies can have significant effects. By analyzing Pluto’s placement in our birth charts and tracking past, current, and future transits and aspects, we can achieve greater understanding and benefits from Pluto’s transformative energies. It will be helpful if you have a copy of your birthchart as Jill will present a description of Pluto’s natal placement in each of the astrological houses.

Jill is an astrologer and writer living in Woodland Park, Colorado. She does consultations and teaches astrology classes. Jill especially likes working personally with beginner astrologers and presents a detailed step-by-step introduction to all of the astrology basics whether you are a first-time student or someone wanting a refresher course. You can reach Jill for more information at


Wednesday, August 11th – Cancelled – New Date TBD

Jessica Mennella speaks on summer-into-fall flowers. Learn about WisdomSprays, FLWR Vibration Scents, and how smell can assist you in accessing the support of flowers.


Wednesday, September 8th

Melissa and Michelle Skaff speak on rewiring your brain for happiness with a daily dose of gratitude. We all agree that the world needs more love, and one of the great components of love is gratitude. Picture the flower of love: the petals are, for example, forgiveness, compassion, empathy, and gratitude. Gratitude helps us open our hearts and gives us an expansive feeling leading toward happiness.

Join us as we talk about how to rewire your brain with a daily dose of gratitude and how science is on board with spirituality, touting gratitude as an important piece of happiness from a brain chemical standpoint.


Wednesday, October 6th

Sonja Elison, Astrologer, speaks on Draconic Astrology. A guide to “Uncovering the Soul’s Path: Draconic Astrology”. Find out more about Sonja at


Wednesday, November 10th

Dilek Mir, author, speaks with Melissa.


Wednesday, December 8th

Jennifer Jensen, L.Ac, speaks on holistic healing and the body’s innate ability to heal. Read about Jennifer’s practice at Sonoma Valley Acupuncture & Herb Center

Past guests have included health and wellness business leaders, holistic healers, authors, astrologers, and animal communicators.

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