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Spring Equinox 2023 • Circle of Light • March 20th, 2023 5:00 pm PT / 8:00 pm ET


Join Melissa and the circle of wisdom in anchoring the light of Balanced Awakening. The teleconference will last approximately 45 minutes  – there will be a light transmission and channeled information. Once you register, a number and code will be sent to you on the payment receipt. Please have a lit candle (fire element), container of water (water element), an earth element (soil, rock, crystal), a wood element (bark, branch, root, wood statue bowl), and a metal element (can be ring earrings jewelry or anything made of metal).


Join us in the Spring Equinox channeling and transmission. In Buddhism the 4 limitless qualities are Love, Compassion, Joy and Equanimity. At this time of Awakening on the planet we need to increase these 4 limitless qualities. The first 3 are much more difficult to increase and practice without Equanimity. This 2023 Spring Equinox is a powerful and perfect time to work on maintaining balance and equanimity – the light and the dark are equal in time, new birth is happening and we can utilize the energy of this birth to reset our energy fields and take in more of the new frequencies in a balanced way.

Monday, March 20, 2023. The spring equinox teleconference starts at 5:00 Pacific/8:00 Eastern.

Upon purchase, you will receive the teleconference number and access code both in your order confirmation at checkout and in the confirmation email after purchase. Please try to join a few minutes ahead of the scheduled time as the telephone link may be busy with the number of participants joining.

All teleconference calls will be recorded and you will receive a digital audio recording of the call by email in the week following the call.

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