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RECORDED CLASS-Transforming the Mind Teleconference



A three class lecture series on transforming the mind

As human beings, most of our troubles occur in the mind, one can obsess and torture ones self with endless scenarios such as;  “what is wrong?”, “what can go wrong?”, “what is wrong with me?”, and so on.

The mind affects our health, our happiness, our perspective and outlook on life- when the mind is influenced by powerful, positive, honorable thoughts, no negativity can operate at the same time.  During these classes Melissa will give you a plan for Mind Transformation- using mindfulness lessons, meditation techniques, affirmations, and “red flag” reminders.

*Before each lecture you will receive a lesson/reading in your inbox that will be yours to keep

*After each class you will receive a link to the recorded lecture for you to listen to anytime you need a refresher of the course

*You have 2 choices of how to take this class:

1) You can join each teleconference with Melissa at the scheduled time and receive a powerful boost of energy from participating with the group plus the link and the 3 written lessons providing you with a refresher anytime you wish.  The cost of this option is $125 and can be purchased here

2) If you can’t make the scheduled time, you can purchase the teleconference as a recorded link and have the written lessons sent to your inbox.  This enables you to take the course at your own time and speed. The cost of this option is $85

The live lecture series will take place at 5:30pm Pacific/8:30pm Eastern on December 2nd, December 9th, and December 16th

Feel Deal & Heal – facing your pain with love brings healing to you now. You are not a lone the Angels with you.

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