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Quan Yin’s Garden CD Album



Quan Yin, beloved Buddhist Goddess of compassion, has been well known and revered in the East for centuries. It is only recently that She is becoming recognized and loved in the West. Quan Yin is present at this crucial time in humanity’s evolution because we are shifting from a vibration of fear, to a vibration of love.

Quan Yin has given the gift of the Garden as a place of refuge for all. Quan Yin promises that the Garden, existing in the 5th dimension, can be brought into the 3rd dimension – our homes, offices and everyday lives – by a practice of meditation, contemplation and connection with Her divine energies.

The synergy of Dennis’ divine composition and Melissa’s compassionate words, invoke in us a meditative state of being so we can not only visit the Garden, but also manifest it in our daily lives.

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Breathe deeply and remember that you are a child of the light.