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Empowerment Teaching Series: Maintaining Equanimity in Challenging Times


Ten one-hour live calls every Sunday from November 8th, 2020 to January 10th, 2021.

Choice of attention-to pay attention to this and ignore that-is to the inner life what choice is to the outer life. W.H. Auden (1907-1973)

We simply cannot have a peaceful world with out a peaceful inner world….practice 🙂

*During this course Melissa will be referencing the book A Fearless Heart – Thupten Jinpa, PHD you may want to pick it up ( available at amazon) for your personal library.


November 8th, 2020 thru January 10th, 2021:  This Empowerment Teaching series will be on developing and maintaining equanimity. During this series, you will take a deep dive inward and examine the places within that are out of balance, deeply hurt and fearful. We will focus on exercises, prayers and meditations that will help strengthen your inner calm and peace. The practices which help you develop peace of mind are the same practices that will help you maintain your equanimity which ultimately, serves your optimal health and well being. A healthy outlook a calm presence influences the your physical life and the lives of those around you. To help heal our world we must maintain peace of heart and mind.

A perceptual shift can change the way we actually feel.  Old thought forms and belief systems are in the death process. Connecting to the compassionate heart within brings profound change to our awareness,  

During these ten weeks we will look at the root of equanimity: compassion.  We will understand that compassion is the best kept secret of happiness.

When you dedicate the time and self-discipline to change your internal vibrations and strengthen your connection to your compassionate nature, you will have a positive effect on the world around you & you will gain protection from negative forces that deplete and drain your energy, foster loneliness and depression.

This series of Empowerment Teachings includes ten one-hour live calls every Sunday starting November 8th 2020 and running through January 10th, 2021. The time of the live call will be 7:00 to 8:00 am Pacific (10:00 to 11:00 am Eastern). You will receive a call-in number and pin that allows you to join the live call each of those ten Sundays.

If you are unable to listen to the live call, you will receive a number and pin code that allows you to listen to a recording of each new call, at any time, for one week. A downloadable mp3 file of the call will be e-mailed to you after the call.

It is up to you whether you join the live call, listen to the recording, or download and listen to the file that you will be sent. You may download and keep these teachings to go back to whenever you need to review the class.

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Be compassionate always, in all ways.