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Duality Reality
Facing the Shadow:
10 digital audio recordings


Teachings on the dual nature of the 3rd and 4th dimensional world and the duality of human nature. Featuring exercises and visualizations to help you face the shadow self, and transform the energies of the darker nature into wholeness.


Immediate download upon purchase of 10 digital recordings from the ten-part series Duality Reality. The dark side! Does it scare you? Entice you? Do you know what it is? In the Duality Reality 10 part series, Melissa takes you on a journey through the shadows, giving tips and tools to face the shadows, understand defenses and triggers, and help you explore and dismantle the shadow energy–transforming polarity into wholeness.

The term “shadow” was first used by the psychologist Carl G. Jung to describe the denied or repressed aspects of the self. Jung spoke about a persona and a shadow, the persona being the self that we project into the world, the shadow being the hidden aspects that we are afraid of or ashamed of. Jung said “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” Children and adolescents begin to hide away parts of themselves when they are told–often wrongly–that these aspects are “bad” or “unacceptable.” Then, they carry their secret stuff bag into adulthood, never consciously looking into it. Nevertheless, these hidden aspects still shape their lives.

What students said about this course:

“Thank you for your teaching today Melissa it helped me understand the energy of my creation in a new way. I pray to consciously apply this knowledge to myself and extend this new awareness to others with ease and grace. “
CT, Chicago

“I just wanted to express a thank you! The current 10 week series has been so useful for me. I listen to the recordings a few times during the week. This series is so well timed and well appreciated.”
DM, California

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