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Full Moon Channeling Transcripts 2018


January 1, 2018


I am St. Germain, Guardian of the Violet Flame. I am St. Germain. You are entering into a new world. You have stepped out of the portals and you are learning to balance in that world. You are learning to balance your bodies – mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and psychic bodies. You are learning to balance your bodies in this world. You are finding a way to be brand new. You are finding a way to live different. You are finding a way to think different, to feel different. You are different.


I am St. Germain, Guardian of the Violet Flame. As you walk through the illusionary world and the toxins of those illusions – the fears, the greed, the sorrow, the pain, the suffering – the toxins begin to move out of the earth and the toxins begin to move out of your body. You are constantly adjusting. Conscious breathing is helpful in helping you balance and adjust to your new life, your new self, your new being and this new world. The New Age is here. The New Earth is here. The new crystalline structure of the earth is here and the crystalline structure within you is resetting itself to the vibration of that earth. Your physical forms are made of the elements of the earth. So the elements of the earth are moving into a reset. They’re cleansing. They’re releasing toxins. They’re burning. They’re flooding. They’re rumbling. All of the elements of the earth are in a process of changing their vibration. Whether or not you consciously help by being environmentally conscious, by being conscious of your thoughts – the environment is not only in the physical world. It’s in the mental world. Your thoughts create as much toxins as those chemicals that get thrown down into the earth. In fact your thoughts created those chemicals and manifested them in the material world as well. An idea happened and a physicality manifested. Think about that.

It’s very important to understand how powerful you are. Those of you who have stepped into your divine consciousness on whatever percentage or level you have – you have brought a spark of light in and it increased your ability to manifest. By shining the light of divinity in your own shadow, you create the opportunity to face your own fears, to face your inadequacies, to face the parts of self that hid from the creator, that hid in the Garden, that ran away. Instead, you stand naked, without all the illusions you throw around yourself, without all the distractions, without all the denials. You stand exposed and in that exposure, you find your divine nature.


The light shines through all the fears. You open up to the vibration of love and you manifest a completely different world. The greatest power is the individual manifestation. Each one of you has that power. I have spoken to you many times in the past several years about the power of prayer, the power of blessing – teaching you to bless something as simple as water and change the vibration of water. If you have water with you, go ahead and change the vibration of it now. Make it into an elixir for you to take into your body – and elixir to bring healing, wholeness, alertness, awareness. I am St. Germain. If you believe this, it is so. Even if you don’t believe it, it is so. So self-consciously in the subterranean aspects of your being, you have let those fears poison the passages of energy and they have come out into the 3d world creating the toxins and the manifestations that you see around you that cause pain and destruction and disorder.


Choosing. I am that I am – each one of you say that. I am that I am and I am Spirit. I am that I am and I am love. I am that I am and I am creator. I am that I am and I am creator. This around me is my creation. True. It is. Perhaps not individually certain things were created by you, but collectively altogether, and in your life’s journey, by you. Do not blame the creation. Do not blame the creator. Simply be naked in your truth. Find the truth of your divine nature. The subterranean parts of the self have sent out vibrations into the world and created. As you go forward this year, you have the power and the opportunity right now to choose what you will create. Focus on one thing. Breathe into the body. Receive.


Tonight as this energy moves through your being and the Angelic Force sends its light and its healing and wholeness, the Ascended Masters come and speak to you. The Ancestors, the Guides, the Guardians – they come. They come. They come. Like snowflakes in a storm or raindrops in a storm, billions come. Like the cells in your body, they come. They resonate with you. Breathe in and resonate with your Guides, your Guardians. Breathe in and resonate with the divinity within you, the divine light within you. Breathe in and find your kindness. Find your patience. Find your compassion for others and for self, for humanity. Imperfect it was – and yet, all perfect it is.

I am St. Germain. You are in the moment. I am in the moment. Repeat that. I am divine in this moment. I am whole in this moment. I am happy in this moment. I am peaceful in this moment. You create it – the IAM. You state it. I am creator. Therefore the creations around you have no power. The creator has the power, not the creation, unless the creator forgets and gives the power to the creation. Guns, war, bombs, tanks – these are creations. The creator is the one with the power. Take back your power. Know that you can create. It’s simple. Breathe into your heart. Listen to your heart. Keep it simple. The words that come to you – health, whole, healing, patience, joy. Take those words and put them into a statement that you can manifest in your life. Peace. Harmony. Wholeness. Awareness. Ask yourself “how will I be aware everyday?” Dear ones, with practice. Create the habits and the practice that will feed you, that will move you into your higher self. Shutting down, breathing shallowly, being fearful, torturing yourself with your worries and your sorrows. They shut you down. They close you down. Breathe through it. Draw the breath into the body. Breathe through it. You are divine light. We are divine light. We are the creator. You are the creator. I am the creator. What will you create in this moment? Peace? Harmony? In this moment… If you wish the future to be that which you wish to create whether it’s joy or love or harmony or healing for the planet, then create it now. Let it be real – now.


I am St. Germain, Guardian of the Violet Flame. I am St. Germain. There are things that are important to know. This year, it’s very important to take care of the physical body. It’s always important to take care of the physical body, but more so than usual. As the earth will continue to release toxins there will be viruses, there will be bacteria, there will be illness/wellness. Balancing in the dual world, the illness/wellness factor is important. So your body is important. Learning to be where your body is – not forcing yourself to do something when it’s time to be, when it’s time to draw the energy in and to refresh, rejuvenate, renew.


I am St. Germain, Guardian of the Violet Flame. The Violet Flame is my gift to you, to your planet – the Violet Flame of St. Germain. I am St. Germain, Guardian of the Violet Flame. Drawing the breath into the body, we will receive several downloads during this evening. They will be directed by different masters. We will direct energy to you. The first download will be the Violet Flame of St. Germain with a renewed energy for health, wholeness and healing, with a renewed energy to direct that flame towards that which needs to be resolved in your body, re-healed in your body.


I am St. Germain, Guardian of the Violet Flame. Breathe into the body and be aware of the body. Be aware of your body now – the organs in it, the bones in it, the flesh of it, the nervous system – so many systems in the body and so intricate. So powerful you are – a universe each one.


I am St. Germain, Guardian of the Violet Flame. Drawing that breath into the body, opening the body to receive, open the tips of every finger, the tips of your toes. Open the body to receive. Believe.


I am St. Germain, Guardian of the Violet Flame. As you draw the breath into your body, feel the bones and the marrow of the bones, the structure of the bones. Feel the bones receive the Violet Flame. Starting with your skeletal system, we will breathe into your body with the palms open, the thumb and the pointer finger together creating a circle. Drawing the breath into the body, focus on the skeleton, every bone in your body that you can visualize. Visualize your bones. Feel them. Feel the spinal cord and each vertebra. Feel the bones in your ribs, the fingers, the toes, the bones in the head, the roof of the mouth, the face, the bones in the legs, the ankles. Focus on the bones. See the bones – not bleached white – but see the bones glowing purple. Scan your body and all the bones in your body bringing the vibration of purple in. Go ahead and hold the palms wherever they are the most comfortable and open to receive. Move the hands however they want to go on the body. Feel the skeletal system with the Violet Flame with 10 tones.


Tonight we continue to tone as you watch the bones in your body turn neon purple. I am St. Germain, Guardian of the Violet Flame.


The muscles in the body, the muscles that connect the bones, the sinews, the muscles, the ligaments – breathing in and being aware of all those parts of the body as much as you can imagine. Let your awareness, your inner eyes rove through the body – the collar bone connecting to the spinal cord, connecting to the neck bone, connecting to the shoulder bones by these muscles, these sinews, these ligaments. The fingers connecting together, the wrists…what a marvelous creation you are. Drawing the breath in and being aware of that – those muscles, those fibers, those tendons connecting your knees, your legs, your ankles, your feet, your toes. What a marvelous creation – those muscles connecting the organs bringing them together. Breathe in and bring the Violet Flame energy into the muscles. Bring the Violet Flame energy into the tendons and the ligaments. Feel the sinews in the hands. Breathe in and tone 5 times infusing the muscular structure of the body with the Violet Flame.


Think of your liver, that great filter – the kidneys – those filters in the body that help you clear – the lymph system, the spleen, the pancreas, the stomach, the sexual organs, the organs in the body, the heart. Focusing on the Ruby Lavender Ray, bring that energy into the organs today. Breathing into the heart, gently rub your heart chakra and as you rub it think of something that makes you smile, something you love – people, children, pets, animals, babies, flowers. Think of something that you love and breathe that energy into your heart chakra. Love. Love. Circle counter-clockwise around your heart chakra with your hand. Breathe it in – that vibration of love deeply into your heart. Dear, this year, will it be joy, compassion, sorrow? Bringing the energy of the Ruby Lavender Ray into the heart as you sit here and tone today – 3, 4 or 5 – whatever makes you feel alive.


Move the hand to the liver – that wonderful, wonderful, wonderful filter. Clear the filter now with the same loving energy, loving your liver, the place that stores the injustice, the anger. Clear the liver, bringing in the Violet Ray, the Ruby Ray, the Ruby Lavender Ray, bringing that energy through your liver, your pancreas, your spleen today.


I am St. Germain, Guardian of the Violet Flame. I am that I am and I am healing my body. Repeat that: I am that I am and I am healing my body. I am that I am and I am healing my body. I am that I am and I am healing my intestines. Rubbing across the intestines, connect to your hips and your belly and breathe in. Be gentle with yourself. Feel the blood flowing with your breath through the body clearing away the impurities, opening up the passages, the channel, releasing. Release it on the outward breath – the toxins into the Mother Earth. She will change them. I am healing my body. I am a healer. I am healing. I am whole. Breathe that energy in.


You have witnessed on this earth many, many eons of destruction, of imbalance, of greed, or violence – and you have witnessed joy and love. Choose now the world that you want to live in. Choose your year. Choose, opening your will and throat chakra. Breathe into the throat the divine energy of turquoise, of teal, of sky blue, of topaz blue. Breathe that energy into the throat, opening your throat.


Tone from your heart. Will – you’re willing to create the habits, to create the energy, to move in a way to use the shakti energy in your body, to move in a way to make you a better being, that makes you a pure creator, that makes you happy and joyous. Draw the breath in and choose it. Breathe into the fears.


Bring the palms back and find your kidneys. The kidney vibration in the Vedic healing and Chinese methods are fear. They are also the vibration of winter which is the season you are now in. Winter – Fear. Breathe warmth and blue skies into the kidneys. Feel yourself laying out on the earth and the sun and the blue sky beating down on your kidneys as you draw it in feeling those delicate filters – the kidneys – releasing fears by facing fears, disbursing fears by facing fears. You fear you are not enough. You fear you are not seen in the eyes of god/goddess. You fear you are not loved. You fear you are not approved of. You fear. You are. I am. Breathe in and draw the energy in. I am that I am. Bring the divine energy into the kidneys. Draw the hands back now and focus on the crystalline light of the moon that you drew into the 3rd eye.  Draw it from the 3rd eye into your kidneys and see your kidneys shining out, your neon violet bones, your neon violet muscles and tendons, your ruby lavender organs and heart, your shining crystalline pure white kidneys. Draw the energy in and tone…


As you breathe into your body, as you draw the energy into your body, as you feel yourself glowing with light knowing in your heart what your sankalpa is, what your heart’s desire is. Simple. Beautiful. Joyous. Happy. Love. Clarity. The energy is coming in pulses now. Let your body open. We are moving it slowly, deliberately, directly into your being – pulsating light. The light of the kidneys now connects to the crystalline structure of your cells and the cells in the body twinkle with the golden liquid bright light. Every cell moving in the body – breathe in. All the cells moving freely and smoothly with great order to all the systems in your body, all the cells sparkling light like the sun when it shines on the moving waters on the ocean.


I am St. Germain, Guardian of the Violet Flame. I am St. Germain. Bring the energy into the body. Store and restore the energy vibration, this crystalline light gives. Every single cell in the body marked with the IAM – mentally repeat it. IAM. IAM. I am that I am. Imagine thousands upon thousands of cells in the body winking with the brand “IAM”. I am radiating – the IAM presence moving through you.


How can you carry this forth on a daily level? Create practices. Create practices that bring you joy. Create practices that bring you peace. How will you achieve that peace and happiness that you are creating? Meditation every day; Conscious Breathing; Taking time to just be and watch the moon move across the sky, the sunset, the sunrise, the birds flying, the bees moving, the light shining on a leaf, the rain falling. Breathe into the body consciously creating peace, harmony, light. Bring it in.


I am St. Germain. Feel the energy in your body now. Draw the breath into your brain and breathe in releasing the poisons, creating antidotes through your actions, activities, thoughts, and through the choices that you make. I am St. Germain. Move the energy through the brain, the Violet Flame burning out those thoughts that do not serve, those thoughts that do not grow you into a better human being, that do not bring your creation out into the world. I am St. Germain, Guardian of the Violet Flame. Breathe the energy into the body. I am St. Germain. The Violet Ray, the Violet Flame, the Violet Cloak, the Violet Cape. I am St. Germain, Guardian of the Violet Flame. Become aware of your toes again. Move the tips of the toes, the tips of the fingers. Stretch out your ankles and your legs. Move the energy down them. Bring the Violet Flame through them. Imagine a small Violet Flame on each of your ten toes and each of your ten fingers. You can bring the soles of the feet together if you like or you can place them on the earth. Feel the flame building up from your toes as you breathe in, pulling it up to your knees through your ankles, pulling it up to your hips, feeling it spread in your belly. Place your 10 fingers on your shoulders, or your heart or your neck or your spine feeling the Violet Flame activating the upper part of the body, the occipital ridge, the edge of your head. Bring it into the body. Tone now.


I am St. Germain. Feel the flame and the colors move through your body, activating, healing, creating wholeness, your blood flowing with the Violet Flame. I am St. Germain.


I am St. Germain, Guardian of the Violet Flame. I am with you and my gifts I give to you. I am with you and I remain always with you. St. Germain. Draw that energy into the body tapping all your ten fingers together and feeling the toes. The flame is activated because you have activated it. Now just remind yourself that it is there. Conscious breathing can help you remember. Committing to meditation can help you remember. Committing to the practice that helps you stay balanced and whole. I am St. Germain, Guardian of the Violet Flame. I am St. Germain.


I am St. Germain.


I am Michael, burning bright, speaking for the Angelic host tonight. I am Michael, burning bright. I am Michael, come to chase away fright. I am Michael come to remind you and reactivate in you the Sword of Truth and Light. It is the truth of who you are, of your divine being, of your creator self that will change this world. It is your acknowledgement of that truth, your believing of that truth and your deep knowing of that truth. I am Michael, burning bright. You are at the dawn of the Golden Age. You are stepping into that light and feeling that light move over you. As that light begins to grow on the planet and the dawn rises, you will feel the pain of those parts that were in the darkness coming to the surface. Yet you will feel the joy of that movement.


I am Michael, burning bright. Fear is like poison. Fear stinks. It vibrationally stinks. It moves into the air creating noxious fumes, creating toxins, creating poisons, staining the beauty of the pure diamond mind that exists within all human beings somewhere. Yours is shining brightly. You are pushing through the refuse. You are pushing through the fears. You are pushing through the distractions. You are rising. You are rising from the center of the earth like diamonds pushing up through the surface and shining light. Inside your brains, inside your minds, you are changing. You are acknowledging your creatorship and that peaceful acknowledgement will change this earth. The transmutation, the transformation that St. Germain speaks of and is the guardian of in this age, that is within you. As you transform on the smallest level, thoughts that are poisonous and soul staining, actions that hurt the self and harm your heart – your generous, beautiful, delicate, sensitive hearts – those negative thoughts, those negative energies, those toxic energies, they are leaving. The antidotes for them are love, joy. The antidotes are breath. The antidotes are gratitude and forgiveness. The antidotes are the tools that you use. How do you take these antidotes? How do you find them? How do you get them into your brain, your body, your heart, your mind. We give you tools – the blessing, the prayer, the conscious breathing, the mindfulness, the being fully present in the moment. These are tools that help you develop the crystalline structure within you, that help you develop your divinity, that help you become divine. You are transforming the shell that you are. You are transforming the body. You are transforming the mind. You are transforming the spirit. That changes things.


So deeply have you become enamored by the creations, so deeply have you become attached to the creations, so deeply have you believed that the creations are all that is that you have forgotten your ability to change things in a moment and yet you can do that. Start by changing your thoughts. Start by changing your attitudes. Start by changing the pattern of your breath and moving the energy through your body in specific ways. The excess usable energy of the earth is there for all of you. We of the Angelic Realm are there to help you see the light inside yourselves. We are the angels of light within your own beings. We are the parts that activate as you activate the divinity within yourself. We are the cells within you that shine brightly. We are the Angels of Light and we give you the Sword of Truth and Light – the ability to be in your truth, to let it shine.


There are small things that you can do to help you develop your muscle of truth, to help you be more truthful in every given moment, to help you be more present in every given moment. You can speak your truth to yourself in a mirror looking into your eyes, the windows of your soul. That can help you. You can speak your fears to yourself in the mirror. By moving them, by speaking them, you begin to change them. You can use the Sword of Truth and Light that I give you now, tonight and every night and every day and every time you call on me and ask for it. Remember “Michael, Michael burning bright. Bring the Sword of Truth and Light”. Remember “Michael, Michael burning bright. Bring the Sword of Truth and Light”. Go ahead and repeat it at least 3x.

Michael, Michael burning bright. Bring the Sword of Truth and Light.

Michael, Michael burning bright. Bring the Sword of Truth and Light.

Michael, Michael burning bright. Bring the Sword of Truth and Light.


Holding the palms open, feel the Sword that I am laying across your palms. Holding the palms open and draw the breath in. Tone. Tone. We here shall tone together and you wherever you are shall tone and the heavenly hosts shall tone.


You become depressed and saddened. You feel hurt and pain. You suffer when you see those supposedly wielding power in your governments, in your world, when you see those that seem so foolishly ignorant or their own life, of others’ lives, that seem so greedy in their drawing of worldly power towards themselves. Yet, the gift that’s been given to you particularly in this last year by many of those heads of states is the ability to see how silly they are, is the ability to laugh at them, to see through the illusion of their powers. Disillusion your self. Disillusion your selves. Move through the illusions. The illusions are thick right now because they are coming from the surface to be dispersed. Notice during a fire and after a fire how the smoke lingers until it disperses. It’s thick after the burning away of the matter. It’s thick after the burning away of the trees, the burning away of the buildings, the burning away of the flesh. It’s thick and takes a while to disperse. You are in the time of the world where the old is burning away. The dross is burning away so the smoke is thick. The illusions are thick. Think of that. The illusions – you can stumble over those illusions.


Breathe deeply, facing your fears. Be still, developing those chemical expressions in your body through your breath, through your habits of what you put into your body, through the amount of rest you give your body, through the gratitude you give your body and the love you give your body and the kindness you give your body. These things change the poisons and the toxins in the body.  These things change the poisons and the toxins in the air and the earth. You have no idea how powerful you are. Many of you came together connected during the times of the fires in Northern California and watched them dampen. There’s more power in you and in the light within you than you recognize. To find that power you must stumble through the illusions. You must go through the valley of the shadows of the deaths. You must find the life in that death. You must find the life in you.


I am Michael, burning bright. The Sword of Truth and Light is a tool. Calling on me can help you. Start small. Start with a thought. You don’t need to think any longer. Start with a criticism against yourself, your neighbor, your friends. Release that. Change it. Change the toxic thoughts. Change a poison. Bring in the antidote of love, gratitude, patience, and compassion. These are the antidotes.


Then there are tools – tools to help you get those antidotes into your being. Getting up a little earlier, taking a walk, creating a discipline – something that is good for you, something that you know is good for you. So attached you become to the material that you often think that letting go is taking away. Letting go is actually opening you up to receive more – letting go of an old habit, letting go of an addiction, letting go of a pattern you don’t need anymore.


I am Michael, burning bright, bringing the Sword of Truth and Light. Draw the breath into the body and call on me – Michael, Michael, burning bright, bringing in the Sword of Truth and Light. Bring the palms to the heart.


We are Quan Yin. We are here to bless. We are here to bask in the light of each one of you. We are basking with our flowers in our garden, in your divine light. We are basking in the joy of knowing that you are on the planet, manifesting, knowing, stepping into your creator selves.


I am Quan Yin, speaking from the Garden. I am Quan Yin. Draw the energy into the body. Bless yourselves with your hands on your heart. Imagine my hands – Quan Yin the Compassionate One – laying over the tops of your hands as the palms touch your heart. Breathe in and feel me. I am with you. I am Quan Yin.


The flowers are with you. We are Quan Yin. You are the Compassionate Ones. I am the Compassionate One. We are together. We flow with the divine waters of compassion. You flow. Feel the flow of divine waters moving through your being now. Tone 3 times. Receive. Acknowledge. Receive my love, my blessings. I am the Mother. I am with you. I am Quan Yin, the Compassionate One.

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You deserve Love. Be kind to your self.