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Invoking St. Germane

Listed below are two ways to call on St Germane. What I have found is that St. Germane often speaks with a rhyme and that he asks that you call on him 3X’s and sometimes 3X’s 3 ( 9 all together).  Call his name St. Germane and the violet flame, St. Germane and the violet flame, St Germane and the violet flame.  He always makes his presence known, you can try some of the versions below or come up with your own. Remember to call in rounds of 3.


1)   St. Germane, St. Germane, St. Germane, come to me,

St. Germane, St. Germane, St. Germane set me free.

St. Germane, St. Germane, St. Jermaine surround me with the violet flame.

 Set me Free from Fear- Free to hear all of the love that the universe sends to me.

 Repeat or write out 3 X’s


2) St. Germane, St. Germane St. Germane I am invoking the Violet Flame

To transform_______________________ (fill in what ever is appropriate for you, for example “transform my fears” Transform my emotions” “ Transform my anger” Transform my relationship to money” Transform my relationship with so and so” and so on…..


Repeat or write the invocation (3 X’s)


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