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Meeting and Embracing the Shadow Self with Love Class 8 of 10

The essence of the information given in class 8 of this series of 10 served to answer the question of how to find balance and stability in a world of challenge.  In befriending the shadow self, we consciously accept the importance of realizing that duality reality is the foundation on which we build a substantive  spiritual practice that serves to guide our understanding of the third dimensional world in which we live and how we navigate, or move about in it.  While we do not have the power to control outer circumstances or the behaviors of others, we absolutely do have the ability to control and manage our own responses and behaviors.  Again, it is not so much the circumstance s it is our response to the circumstance that makes the difference.


Even though we are bombarded and influenced by myriad realities that are exacerbated by the availability of technology and social media, we have at our disposal the tools and aids of mindful meditation such as the visualization of the horizontal line and its polarities at either end as well as the 2018 No Fear Invocation.  As we work with them, consciously breathing in and out with them, we can establish a rhythm that settles in our minds, in our hearts and in our bodies that enable and empower us to step back and review the choices that we are making in the dual nature of life on the earth plane.  Mindful meditation helps you, the observer, to watch your thoughts and where they go so that you can make the intentional inner choice rather than to be at the mercy of the external circumstance.


Because we are trained by society through the agencies of the home, the school as well as religious institutions and the justice system, we both receive and give mixed messages about what is good or bad, acceptable or unacceptable norms of behavior.  So how do we handle the influence of all the realities that are thrown at us?  Go inward! When we remember that we are not the body, not the form, but spirit in form, then we have the opportunity to review from an inward perspective how we are supported and strengthened as we delve into our shadows.


Using the example of the moon and its phases, Melissa teaches that learning to flow with the cycles of nature promotes wholeness in us. These classes teach us that a strong foundation of spiritual practices serves to anchor us in a challenging world as we strive to become better human beings living lives that are balanced and centered.

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Your past is calling to be cleared now. Let go and know that the Angels are with you.